We, the members of Bor Community in Australia, have resolved to form a seamlessly united community that passionately perpetuates the interests, peace and progress of all its people, and to hold above all the enduring Welfare of Bor community; and to promote our vestige of cultural values;guided by the Spirit of solidarity, fraternity and healthy intellectual advancement of one united Bor community that would secure us all the blessings of good life, liberty and enduring felicity.
We, vividly mindful of our historical experience, of endless struggle against existential forces that have been the main operative machinery of our emigration, episodic internal displacements in our native homeland, and still more cognizant of the bountiful opportunities that Australia offers to our needs, are determined to collectively advance ever united and progressive organisation, in meeting the multifaceted challenges that confront members of Bor community in Australia, not limited to socioeconomic and political changes occurring both in Australia and South Sudan.

How you can Support us

Just call at 0432 484 052 to give your support

We place and commit ourselves to promoting the values of charity, philanthropy, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship, which serve as the cornerstone of a progressive people; to be guided by ideas rooted not in dogmatism, egocentrism and anarchy, but in innovative change, harmony, humility and kindness towards one another, amongst ourselves. These values shall henceforth underpin our intercourse with people and organisations that will come into partnership with us. We further imprint into this Constitution our collective pledge, as people of One Bor Community in Australia, to prioritise the absolute betterment of ourselves, as Nhialic (God) has priotised it for us.