Mission and Vission


To serve as an umbrella organization for individual members of Bor community in Australia, exerting concerted efforts in capacity building, cultul education for the youth and social innovation programs for community development. BCAA embodies and seeks to infuse the spirit of charity, philanthropy, volunteerism and social entrepreunership into community among members of Bor community in Australia. Through community development-oriented events, BCAA shall serve as a platform for all the members of Bor community to showcase their innovative ideas and talents, as well as reminding the members of abundant life opportunities that this country (Australia) offers. The BCAA shall also serve as an ambassador of Bor community to Australia and advocate for the suffering people of Bor in South Sudan, in all aspects of humanitarian assistance. The BCAA shall endeavour at all times, as far as possible, to cultivate meaningful and enduring relationships with other governmental or non-governmental organisations in Australia, as is principally in keeping with the vision of Bor community’s betterment.


To create a collaborative community working together to advance a resilient and robust general welfare of Bor people, which reflects a strong sense of service community, socio-cultural and economic welfare as well as integration into mainstream Australian society.